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My Comment Developer - Southdowns College

The ‘My Comment Developer’ increases the accuracy and speed in which report comments are generated and checked.

My Comment Developer is an application that assists in writing student report comments. This application is focused at the educators and providing them with a rapid comment generation ability. The technology behind My Comment Developer is design to improve the accuracy of the comment addressing issues such as grammar, spelling and the incorrect wording, phrases etc.…

The application is currently being implemented and utilised in a number of different schools. A short back ground on the company, it was started in 2012 when a College asked for a comment generation program be developed to speed up the time it took for report comments to be written as well as improve accuracy of which the comment was written.

Since the development of the comment program, we have started with schools such as SouthDowns, Pretoria Chinese School, Pecanwood College, and Cornwall Hill College etc... We have been asked to go to IEB conference next year February to present the application. Our goal is to see this program being used across the country and hopefully, if enough traction we will see a worldwide market.

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