Specifically designed and integrated for an individual customer.


Many of our customers require purpose built solutions that satisfy specific business needs. Examples of custom built applications include self-service kiosks, touch screen catalogues, payment portals, stock systems and vendor management applications.


Growth & Development

We aim at developing an end product that will deliver effective business solutions as well as add value in business development & growth.

Identifying Opportunities

We combine an understanding with the humility to know that your particular situation is unique. We listen to understand your goals as well as your business. Identifying opportunities for additional business value, and crafting new strategies for improvement.


Interactive Application Design



The function of navigation by a signal touch has changed the way we go about getting information out. We currently build customized touch screen applications that function as electronic brochures, capturing systems and as presentation tools. The function of  avigation and control allows the customer to gain access to more information and details with a simple touch. People are drawn to technology, so let’s get them drawn to you.

(We do offer the touch screens at a hiring cost.)


Touch screens are a good choice for products that require a certain amount of technical expertise e.g. if your company sells wall plugs, screws and other fasteners, a touch screen will be an excellent choice as prospective customers who require your product but are not sure which type they need can browse through your touch screen and select a product accordingly.


Touch screens in your stall will allow visitors to get an understanding of your products and services in an interactive way.